Paraclete Riders Clothing begin in the middle of the night at approximately 4:30 a.m I received a message from the Holy Spirit instructing me to start a clothing line I never had any interest in fashion or selling any type of clothing hours after I received the dream everything begins to fall in place I work for Staples as a manager and at my location we have a ups drop off-center very seldom do I visit that department in my store this particular day shortly after the dream I see this guy while passing by the ups drop off with a hat and on the hat it had a stick man carrying a briefcase as his logo with some glasses on I introduce myself as Kevin the Manager at this location and inquired about the clothing he was wearing it was very upscale and detailed he said my name is Dennis Brown and this is my clothing line I started I complimented the professionalism and begin to tell him about the dream I just had hours ago and begin to ask him if he can introduce me to his plug so I can get started that's when he told me I can help you out I am the plug I got chills it's like God set this up we talked for 20 to 30 minutes he gave me addresses to hat and shirt locations and then stated he was going to buy some more gear for himself and wouldnt mind taking me with him within one week Mr Brown begin making Paraclete Clothing, Clothes that begin to fit in the urban culture upscale just like his own brand he inspired me and incurage me to get my own equipment and tought me how to become self sufficent and now i produce my own clothing Parclete did a small launch for Breast Cancer month and did well and the final launch will be march 2020 thank you for reading our story and remember we bring comfort to the comfortless God Bless.